A dying breed

One of the sad losses of 2019. RAF Calveley airfield control tower. Up until now this was the most complete World War 2 airfield in my home county of Cheshire, and the only one with a surviving 'Watch Office'. Despite this, it hadn't recieved much credit in the seven decades that followed the war, and was used as a glorified farmers shed for the last of its days. Earlier this year once I heard the distribution centre that already ate up the North side of the former airstrip was due to expand imminently I dropped all other plans to make sure I got to see it before it was gone. After being too young to explore the remnants of my local WW2 airfield at RAF Burtonwood before it was erased from the map, I'm glad to be able to say I got to see this one before it too was flattened a few months after my visit. Unfortunately barely any of these iconic towers manage to gain listed status, and the farmer wasn't entirely sure why I was so bothered about seeing it, which maybe explains why he didn't have a problem selling off the land in the first place.