Then & Now

1987-2021. Devonshire public house aka 'The Dev' - this weekend the 2nd October 2021 will sadly be the last for this historic pub in Dukesfield. Betrayed by the powers that be, the keys will be taken almost by force and handed over and for what? To be used as a halfway house pending development of the vacant area left over by the removal of the Silver Jubilee Bridge overpass in Runcorn. This rowdy local that's stood strong since the mid 1800's lived up to it's reputation and did not go quietly - showcasing true Runcornian spirit. This iconic Victorian public house survived two world wars, recessions and not one but two pandemics. In the end, a development committee hell bent on erasing the past is more destructive than all of those combined. Go figure. The beloved local loses yet another soldier for the cause.