Northern Monument 24

Delves Hall, Doddington. The first English castle in the series so far - all that remains of which is the formerly moated tower house built by baronet Sir Thomas Delves almost 700 years ago. At one point it was a battlement that was besieged multiple times during the English civil war in the mid 1600's before being extended into a more formal manor house. Eventually the Delves family passed on ownership of the estate to Thomas Broughton, who had it almost entirely demolished, leaving only this 14th Century tower intact as a landscape feature to Doddington Hall, his newly constructed stately home on the other side of the estate which still exists today. Owning battle-worn ruins was massively fashionable back in the day, so this little monument would have been a boasting point and still is despite now having not served any purpose whatsoever for more than 400 years. Enter the tag #northernmonuments on instagram to see the project so far.