Then & Now 1970-2018

The Red Hazels, Prescot. A manor house that stands alone surrounded by what is now a completely unrecognisable landscape compared to when it was built in the mid 1700's. Many wealthy families once lived here, including members of the infamous glass-making Pilkington family. The estate has slowly been consumed and dissected by subsequent owners. The most recent of which acquired what was left of the land and built an extensive business park - with the listed manor house clearly surplus to requirements, allowing it to remain derelict with no future in sight. They have even had the audacity to use it for free advertising.. Having listed protection in the UK is a brilliant thing that we should count ourselves lucky to have, but in my opinion continued ownership should only be granted with proof of intent for restoration and/or maintenance. Until that happens, we're still at risk of losing more and more of our heritage each year.